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My Story

Well, as it has been said when one door closes another one opens. It is because of Scentsy I have a sense or purpose again, a focus that is about me and something I can call my own.   Unfortunately life threw me a curve ball and I was unable to continue working in the field I studied in and LOVED. I spent many years wondering what was in store for me, that it couldn't possibly be what I was waking up to day after day. Don't get me wrong I adore being a mother and wife but everyone needs and deserves to have a path in life that makes them an individual. Then, I met my Scentsy sponsor and from the moment I was introduced to Scensty I LOVED it. Scensty allows me the freedom to pursue a career but also the flexibility I need to meet my health concerns. I get to meet amazing people and be a part of a company that truly shows their appreciation to it's consultants. We have a chance to earn all expense paid trips around the world, this year Greece is one of the destinations. Twice a year they hold conferences that help us in our business and introduce us to new products. I wouldn't be doing this if I did not believe 100% in the products, use the product and LOVE the product. I would love to have you on my team and together we can reach our goals and nothing can stand in our way.   Let me help you open the door, Sherry xo<!--endbody-->